Live Roulette Games

You have two different ways of playing Online Roulette at a Live Online Casino, the first way is by utilizing a software driven roulette game, you do this simply by playing at a flash or download online casino, the results of each spin is controlled by a random number generator and as the ball spins and comes to a complete stop you will see computer generated graphics depicting these.

However thanks to broadband technology it is now possible to play live roulette, this is done by the casino at which you are playing having real life dealers in a real life casino who play the game exactly in the same way as you would in a land based casino and this is broadcast via a video stream directly to your computer.

You can place your chips onto the table by using your computer and also interact to the croupier and fellow players by using the chat room, many players now prefer playing live roulette as opposed to a random number generator type game as it allays any fears that they have that they may not be receiving a fair on honest game, and by physically being able to monitor the entire roulette game via the video stream you will be confident that all is well and above board.

10 Best Live Casino Sites for live dealer roulette :

You can fun your live roulette account much like you would with a normal online casino by using any credit or debit card along with most sites also offering other ways such as e-wallets including Neteller and Skrill or one of the newer e-cash vouchers which are bought from your local stores these include Pay Safe Card and Ukash for Live Gambling.

Some live casinos will also let you play for free to help you get a feel for how the casino works and operates, or you may simply wish to observe a few games in play to see how the game play structure works and pans out, you will soon get the hang of playing and once you start to interact it really does bring the game to life and becomes a much more social activity than playing anonymously in a software driven online casino.

We have reviewed several live casinos where you can play live roulette on our blog so please have a good look through the archives as we have some great places for you to play at and with plenty of special bonus offers up for grabs you could be in the money before you even play.

Remember that you can adjust the value of your roulette chips which means no matter whether you are a high or low roller you are going to find a chip value that suits your budget, and make sure you know where the cash out button is as this is where you will be making your withdrawals once those winning numbers start to hit!

Online Roulette

Players have been able to play software driven roulette since the early 1990’s and over the years the games available have grown in number and the number of sites offering real money roulette have grown. Different software providers have different minimum and maximum stake limits on these types of roulette games so it can often pay to shop around if you are seeking low limit games to play.

One online roulette game which should be avoided is the American Roulette game, the reason for not playing this game is simple and that is due to it having two zeros in play on the wheel, the extra zero has an affect of increasing the house edge and this means you will stand less chance of winning on this version over the long term than you would on most other variants.

One of the more popular online roulette games is the European Roulette game, this has just one zero in play on the way which means a much lower house edge than the game above, the number of betting propositions on all roulette games may overwhelm you but many players prefer to play safely when betting and they stick to the even money paying wagers such as red or black or odd or even.

Another roulette game is the French Roulette variant and this has a special house rule which can make it one of the best games to play, more so if you like betting on the even money chances, should a zero spin in then your even money bets will not be classed as losing wagers instead you will receive half your stakes back on any even money wager. This rule reduces the house edge even lower and means a good deal for even money bettors.

You can also now play Progressive Roulette online, many sites give you the option of playing this variant and it will require you to make an obligatory side wager alongside your normal bets, how most progressive roulette games work is that they have a set of bonus payouts which become active once one particular number starts to repeat, the bonus payout will keep on increasing as any one number repeats and should it repeat a certain number of times then you will win the progressive jackpot which is displayed on the jackpot meter.

There is also another roulette game which may be of interest to you, and this is the game of zero house edge roulette, and as the name suggests there is no house edge on this game what so ever, this is achieved by removing the zero from the wheel so in effect you have just 36 numbers which payout at true odds of 35 to 1, all other bets such as the even money bets and the columns and dozens wagers also are paid out at true odds.

There are literally loads of different sites available to play online and live roulette at choose which ones you play at carefully as some are better than others in terms of bonuses and fast payouts, we have reviewed quite a few on this blog so feel fee to check any or all of them out as they are the best ones online.